Nodo Windsor - Angelo Lustrascarpe

Nodo Windsor

Un utile approfondimento sul nodo per scarpe chiamato Windsor (prima) e Berluti (dopo).

When the Duke of Windsor was reluctant to let Olga Berluti lace the shoes she had in fact just made for him, she stood firm and was eventually allowed to take the test: tie an irreproachable knot that could only be undone when both laces were pulled at the same time. The Duke was very particular on this point. “My grandmother taught me this,” he said. “It’s a secret that royal families pass on from generation to generation in order to avoid losing face by bending over to tie a shoelace during a military parade or an official ceremony.” This is how the Windsor knot became the emblematic knot of the House, an essential ritual taught to clients in all our stores. A ritual reserved exclusively for customers of Berluti.

Credits: Berluti